Erythritol is a sugar alcohol and is made by fermenting yeast with glucose from corn. It is a natural sugar substitute that has almost no calories. Because of its low carb content, it is also suitable for those that are on the Keto diet. As it goes through the body unchanged, it also ideal for diabetics or anyone wanting to avoid sugar but still wanting the sweet taste as it does not spike blood sugar.

Serving size: 4g (1 teaspoon level)

Calories  0g

Sodium  0g 

Carbs   4g

Fibre   0 g

Sugar  0 g

Protein  0 g

Use Erythritol the same way you’d use regular sugar. It has a different taste and particularly after taste that is noticeable from regular sugar so while it isn’t straight switch, it’s a great alternative for those after zero-calorie sweeteners.

Store erythritol in a secure and airtight container in the fridge to keep fresh.

2 years

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