Oat Bran

Versatile, soft flakes of bran that can be used for breakfast recipes, homemade baking and either sweet or savoury recipes. Oat bran is separated from whole oats and maintains a light oaty flavour with hints of nut that can be used in a wide variety of food. GMO-free, our Oat Bran contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives for your peace of mind. Oat bran is perfect for supporting your health by stabilising blood sugar and aiding the reduction of cholesterol.

Oat bran is the perfect thickener for many tasty dishes, including cereals, porridge, fruit salads, smoothies, baked treats, bread, soups and many, many more. Its mild flavour lends itself to so many different requirements and can even be used in raw food recipes like puddings and health balls.

Keep your oat bran in an airtight container in a place out of direct sunlight in a dry and cool location, like your pantry. If you live in a particularly warm environment, you can keep your oat bran in the fridge!

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