Organic Rolled Quick Oats

Your go-to Organic Rolled Quick Oats! Completely organic, GMO-free and with no added preservatives, quick oats are massively versatile and an essential ingredient in your pantry. For warming, delicious porridge with a dreamy, creamy texture to desserts and raw treats made by you, quick oats can be used in countless ways. Our quick oats are full-flavoured with a subtle aroma and packed with fibre, carbohydrates and protein.

For the first meal of the day, you can easily use Quick Oats for delicious porridge or tasty muesli, adding your choice of fruits, nuts, milk or sweeteners such as maple syrup or coconut sugar. You can use them to create delicious depth and texture to your morning smoothies, with all the benefits of fibre and slow-release carbohydrates. In baking, oats are very popular for flapjacks, homemade bread, granola, cereal bars and certain cakes that call for the comforting, homely flavour and texture that oats provide.

Keep your oats in an airtight container in a place out of direct sunlight in a dry and cool location, like your pantry. If you live in a particularly warm environment, you can keep your oats in the fridge!

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