Organic Spelt Flour


More soluble in water than regular flour, Spelt Flour is an ancient grain is a fantastic alternative to those sensitive to regular flour as Spelt flour hasn’t been modified and is more natural. Perfect for any recipe that calls for all-purpose or plain flour and is delicious in homemade pizza bases, cakes, bread and pasta. Tasty, full-flavoured with hints of nut, Spelt flour is free of preservatives, is completely non-GMO and certifiably organic.

When baking with organic Spelt flour, you will need to add a separate raising agent such as yeast, baking powder or soda in order for the recipes to rise. Besides sweet baking, Spelt flour is great for dusting, sauces, batters and homemade savoury doughs. You can also mix it well with other flours to achieve different textures. 

Store fresh organic Spelt flour in a secure and airtight container in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunshine.

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