Organic Tri-Colour Quinoa


Native to South America, tri-colour Quinoa has been grown and eaten for thousands of years for its nutritional value and delicious soft flavours. Being a seed and not a grain at all, Quinoa is a complete protein  making it a tasty staple in vegetarian lifestyles. Boasting a tempting dark colouration, grain-like earthy taste and firm texture, organic tri-coloured Quinoa is a convenient component in many nutritional recipes. You can substitute any dish that calls for rice or couscous with Quinoa.

Incredibly versatile, you can consume Quinoa hot or cold at any time of the day with different recipes. Fill your porridge with Quinoa and chia seeds for a highly textured and nutritious start to your day, topped off with yoghurt or fresh fruit (or both!). Serve alongside Meditteranean veggies or create hot pots and soups full of depth and extra protein. Before cooking, rinse quinoa with cold water in a fine sieve, so none escapes down the drain. Drained Quinoa can then be cooked with water at a ratio of one cup of Quinoa to two cups of water. Cover the pot and bring it to a boil before reducing the heat to low and lifting the lid partially ajar to allow steam to escape. Simmer for around fifteen to twenty minutes until you notice the Quinoa grow massively in size, almost three times its original mass. Test for tenderness and if you’re satisfied, turn off the heat but let it sit for another five minutes before fluffing and serving. 

Store uncooked Quinoa in a secure and airtight container in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunshine.

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