Steel Cut Oats Organic

For a fresh, traditional flavour, texture and fragrance, Steel Cut Oats are the perfect choice to make old-school porridge and is an amazing addition to homemade baking and savoury recipes. The difference between steel-cut oats and rolled oats is in the manufacturing process. Steel Cut oats are created from the entire oat grain (which is sometimes called groats) and include the bran portion of the grain, leaving the finished oats unrefined and raw and less processed. The only thing that is removed from the grain is the husk, and then everything else is chopped up into small bits with a steel knife or blade (hence the name Steel Cut).

Because Steel Cut Oats take longer to cook than other variations of oat so can take a bit more patience for a delicious result, it usually takes around 30 minutes to cook steel-cut oats, but you can cut that cooking time down by half by soaking the oats overnight in a little bit of lemon juice or even cider vinegar as an alternative. Other recipes that steel oats are fantastic or include textured muffins, bread or biscuits, and hotpots or thicker soups. Their use is really only limited by your imagination.

Keep your oats in an airtight container in a place out of direct sunlight in a dry and cool location, like your pantry. If you live in a particularly warm environment, you can keep your oats in the fridge!

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