Black Lentils Let’s Talk About Nutritional Power and Recipes

Black lentils, popularly known as Beluga, because of their shapes, which resemble caviars. But if you think that its unique black colour makes it stand out, you are WRONG! Instead, its healthy nutritional power and flavour make it a great choice for vegan diets. Also, since it is easy and quick to prepare, people who remain in a rush prefer this ingredient more! No wonder black lentils in NZ are so popular for vegetarian diets.

But before buying black lentils, you should look at the following. Let’s start with the fast facts about lentils!

Facts About Black Lentils

Lentils are lens-shaped and small but come with an earthy flavour. This ingredient is rich in proteins, high in fibre and full of healthy energy, making it an amazing choice for vegetarians and vegans, especially who prefer a healthy lifestyle. And of all, black lentils are the most nutritious and most intensely earthly flavoured. So, no wonder you can serve it even with meaty vegetables and other proteins. From soups to curries to salads- you can try any dish with black lentils and create amazing recipes.

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Nutritional Power of Black Lentils

Black lentils are rich in fibre and protein. Research shows that even a half cup of cooked black lentils contains 9 grams of fibre and 12 grams of protein, making a powerful combo to boost your energy and help you feel full. Moreover, it comes with low calories and almost no saturated fats. On the contrary, since Beluga is rich in polyphenols, this ingredient keeps you away from heart disease.

Recipes with Black Lentils

If you really would like to taste black lentils, you can cook and try the following recipes. Remember, you can use lentils even without soaking. In this case, it will take around 30 minutes to cook. It can be a delicious addition to dahl curries, wraps, salads, soups and even burgers. Have a look:

Seasoned Black Lentils:

It’s a simple dish but contains earthy flavours with seasoning. You just need to simmer the lentils with salt, garlic, thyme and tarragon in a vegetable broth, and your tasty vegan meal is ready in just 20 minutes. You can enjoy this recipe with a base of burrito bowls, salads and even tacos.

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Braised Black Lentils:

It can be a flavourful side dish for light lunch or dinner. Use aromatic vegetables, stock and herbs to flavour black lentils and cook until the lentils soak all the savour and reach the ultimate level of deliciousness! If you want to prepare this dish on a vegan diet, replace the chicken stock with vegetable ones.

Spiced Black Lentils With Mint and Yoghurt:

Spicey lentils taste really great if you can highlight the flavour correctly. To prepare a spicey black lentil dish, add earthy aromatic spices, like cumin, coriander and mustard, and cool mint with creamy yoghurt to bring the contrast in taste. Preparation needs just ten minutes, and you can leave it to cook. 

In a Nutshell

Just like black lentils, you can try other lentils, whether it be red, yellow, brown or green. All types of lentils are delicious and highly nutritious. And if you would like to taste any of the dishes mentioned above, visit Bulk Barn for top-quality black lentils near me and other herbs at affordable prices.

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