Nutrient-Packed Dry Fruits, Nuts & Seeds for Your Spring Diet

The saying goes that you should always eat those nuts and dry fruits which are in season to enjoy the wholesome benefits of these snacks. Fruits and vegetables are the staples of any balanced diet, but dry fruits, nuts, and seeds are also rich in nutrients that can be ignored when the discussion is on a balanced meal. There are a lot of seasonal fruits to try out this spring season, and we are right here to help you pick your assortment of delicious dry fruits, seeds, and nuts.

Importance of dry fruits, needs, and seeds

The spring season follows just after the winter season; therefore, you still need to maintain a strong immune system to ward off germs that cause cough, cold, and congestion. Dry fruits and nuts are considered excellent sources of vitamins and antioxidants that help in the maintenance of a healthy immune system. These food items are also rich in fibers and proteins that keep you strong and help develop a healthy gut and fight digestion problems.

Dry Fruits, Nuts & Seeds to Gorge on This Season

Some of the most popular dry fruits, nuts, and seeds to try out this spring season are as follows:

  1. Pistachio: These are flavourful seeds with a nutty taste and are a good source of antioxidants, fibers, and fats. They contain potassium, manganese, and zinc, which maintain bone structure and blood pressure.
  2. Cashews: The king of dry fruits, cashews are evergreen in all seasons. They are rich in calcium and magnesium that aid in the development of bone structure, and they also contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in adequate amounts.
  3. Peanuts: A version of the dried legumes, peanuts are the most versatile snacks that go well with all sorts of ingredients. They are a rich source of fiber, proteins, and fats and contain a good amount of vitamin E and vitamin B3. Peanuts can be used as a standalone snacking option, or you can also add them to your sweet and savory dishes.
  4. Almonds: One of the healthiest snacking options, which is a powerhouse of proteins, fibers, and vitamin E, it is helpful in maintaining the metabolism of the body and is considered an important source of food that aids in weight loss. It also helps in maintaining cardiovascular health and the development of muscular tissues.

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